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 PAS125:2011 - BS10125

We supply real bodyshop experience and relevant quality procedures,  we have had 10 years experience in successful quality assessments


Our team are experienced bodyshop professionals, who will work with you on the real issues within your workshop and ensure that PAS10125 is a real benefit to your bodyshop. See below for relevant links


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BSi PAS Background

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Welding Clarification

The content of the weld tests for AOM009 and BS1140 / BS4872 align.
Note. The IMI together with industry wanted to ensure that the requirements of ATA assessment had a robust Quality Assurance (QA) process, AOM009 is the only weld test that has a QA process.

.  AOM009 has a validity of two years which aligns to the British Standards Weld testing of BS1140 & BS4872.
.  Either AOM009 or BS1140/BS4872 can be used to comply with PAS125, the bodyshop decides on the option that best suits their needs.
Note. A technician needing to hold a valid ATA Panel accreditation will need to achieve AOM009 whilst a technician only needing to prove competence at welding can hold either AOM009 or BS1140/BS4872.
.  ATA AOM009 (from 1st April 2014) is the only prerequisite acceptable for a technician taking either a ATA Panel Technician or ATA Senior Panel Technician assessment, therefore the technician must hold a valid AOM 009 certificate during their assessment.
  AOM009 can only be issued by an IMI Awards approved centre, thus providing the Quality Assurance for delivery of the welding test.


  Areas of change in the revised PAS are:

  • Updating of competent person requirements

  • Established ratio of competent person to others

  • Simplification of selection of replacement parts

  • Redefinition of repair categories and related skills, tools and equipment

  • BS 10125:2014 +A1:2016 click for changes